Your Visit

What you may see….

The existing hedgerows, pasture and flower meadows, trees , and ponds, scrapes and watercourses typify the traditional landscape of the area and form the key features of interest for you to explore. However, depending on the time of your visit, it may be possible to observer farming practices such as hay making during your visit.

A number of initiatives have been undertaken under the CSS (Countryside Stewardship Scheme) which has enhanced wildlife habitats and deliver benefits to those members oh the public who visit the farm. The farm provides a home for a variety of small animals, water fowl, bird species and insects. Many different species of trees are also to be found in and near then hedgerows, some very mature ones, some newly planted, see if you can spot and name the on your visit. Springtime is the time to see the acres of bluebells and primroses, mostly in the woods, but also near the ditches.

A number of small animals (such as goats, rabbits, chickens) live on site as well as cattle and sheep depending upon the time of year. Teachers/leaders have to make sure that their youngsters do not kiss animals, and always wash their hands before and after eating, after any contact with animals and again before leaving the farm.

All visits must first be discussed and booked with Ben and Karlene van Nes. This will ensure that all get the tour requirements to suit their needs. Teachers/leaders are welcome to visit prior to school/group visit to assess the suitability of the farm and arrange any projects for the youngsters to carry out.

Teachers/leaders are responsible for overall safety and discipline of their group at all times and Terra Amata farm can accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal belongings whilst on the farm premises.

When you visit….

  • Parking is available for up to 20 cars or 6 mini-buses or 2 coaches.
  • Toilets are available in the building on site together with hand washing facilities.
  • Farm Buildings provide a reception room suitable as a meeting point or for farm educational presentations with a big screen using videos and dvds.
  • Picnic area available in beautiful garden with picnic tables or anywhere else in fields or farm building for wet weather.
  • Visitors are requested to understand and use the Country Code whilst on the Farm and wear clothing suitable for the terrain and weather.