Group Visits

Group Visits….

There is much to see on Terra Amata Farm that will suit all School children (Key stages 1 – 4), students (‘A’ level, diploma, degree), youth groups and organisations (trekking, orienteering), inner city children (educational or pleasure), and local clubs (country walks, talks, art, bird watching etc) are amongst those who would be welcome to visit.

  • Tours can be arranged for large and small groups during spring, summer and autumn, and can be arranged to last from one hour to all day, depending on requirements.
  • Bird watching a large number of different species are now visiting the land due to increased food availability.
  • Woodland walking tours a 20 hectares woodland area to the south of the Farm possesses a collection of native and non- native trees.
  • Woodlands can be easily accessed from our main footpath, linking them to the many public tracks through the woodland.

Visits to the farm are FREE to small groups as the visitors scheme is sponsored by “Natural England”.

adobe pdf graphicDOWNLOAD – what you can do on the farm.